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About Us

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<p>George Abbot was born in Guildford in 1562 and educated at the Royal Grammar School and at Balliol College, Oxford. By 1600 he had become Vice-Chancellor of the University and Dean of Winchester. He became Archbishop of Canterbury in 1611. He retained deep affection for his home town and in 1619 laid the foundation stone of the Hospital of the Blessed Trinity or, as it is often called, Abbot's Hospital.</p>
<p>He died in 1633 in Croydon and was buried at Holy Trinity Church in Guildford where his brother Sir Maurice Abbot erected an elaborate monument to his memory. He left further legacies to his hospital and £100 for the poor people of Guildford.</p>
<p>Now, more than 350 years after his death, he is commemorated by the school which bears his name. The school holds a commemorative service in Holy Trinity Church on, or as close as possible to, the anniversary of his birth date of October 29th. </p>
<p>Formerly there were two single sex schools on the site. The boys' school, opened in 1958, was located in what is now termed the Raynham building, named after the first headmaster. In 1961 the girls' school opened with Miss Elmslie as the headmistress.</p>
<p>In addition to the Elmslie and Raynham buildings there is a Sixth Form Centre located between the two, together with a block housing textiles, the staff room and the unit for the visually impaired. The recently completed Year 7 unit opened in September 1998.</p>
<p>Reorganisation to form a single 12-18 comprehensive school took place in 1976 and to an 11-18 school at the time of the change in the age of transfer in Surrey in 1993. Thus, although the school is relatively young in its present form it is rooted in a tradition that leads back over 400 years.</p>
<p>By any measure the school is one of the most successful comprehensive schools in Surrey.</p>
<p>Results from SATs, at GCSE and GCE A level are always amongst the best in Surrey, which is itself a high performing county.</p>
<p>Most students stay on into the Sixth Form in spite of the competing attractions of local Colleges with very good reputations. The Sixth Form numbers are approaching 400, making it a major feature of school life and allowing the school to offer a large number of courses to its students.</p>
<p>The school puts great emphasis on its comprehensive status and believes strongly in the need to maximise the potential of every student. All Year 7 students are placed in a tutor group housed in a single block and overseen by a Head of Year 7 who fulfils the role every year to maintain continuity.</p>
<p>Assistants support heads of all years and the school has made great advances in what it knows about each and every one of its students; teachers are provided with high quality information about the prior attainment of every student in their teaching groups.</p>
<p>The school is about much more than academic attainment, however important though this is. It is proud of the wide range of cultural, sporting and extracurricular activities that it offers and the large numbers of students who participate in them. Overall the school has established a strong reputation and we anticipate that the school will form increasingly strong links with, and come to be an integral part of the community it serves. This would be in keeping with our school motto NON SIBI SED TOTI – 'Not for oneself but for everyone'.</p>
<p> Danny Moloney</p>


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Candidate Benefits

The school employs over 200 staff at any one time, with approximately 130 teachers and 85 support staff.

Professional Development Opportunities
The school has an enviable reputation with regard to the professional development available to all staff and for its performance management systems. There is a team of experienced staff dedicated to this aspect of the school’s work. As a Training School since 2001, and a Teaching School since 2011, professional development extends beyond the school and staff are involved in a number of initiatives both locally and nationally.

There is a strong tradition over the last fifteen years for creating wider opportunities for staff, at any level, to take on professional development responsibilities for one year to support the School Development Plan or Teaching School targets.

We have developed a programme to support personalised CPD. This, combined with our quality performance management processes and procedures, ensures that each individual takes into account their own objectives and opts into the appropriate sessions to meet their individual needs. Funding is made available for appropriate accredited training.

The school has invested in a Personnel Team who support NQTs/RQTs and teachers new to the school. There are also two Advanced Skills Teachers, who along with their outreach work, support the professional development of colleagues within the school.

The school, as an Accredited Provider for Initial Teacher Training provides scope for all staff to lead academic professional studies and for colleagues to involve themselves in a range of mentoring roles. These opportunities are further enhanced by our status as an International School.

A Professional Development Centre has been created, including a teaching laboratory where staff can have their teaching recorded. It also serves as a specialist venue for our considerable outreach programme.

Site/Campus Details

There have been a number of building projects in recent years including a new Upper School Information Centre, a Sixth Form Common Room and Performing Arts Building, a Sports Hall built in conjunction with Surrey County Cricket Club, an Astro Pitch and the Wilson Building (used for teaching by the English Faculty). In addition, there has been considerable investment in the school’s ICT. An Arts/Gallery Information Centre, I Mac Suite, photo/dark room/studio and Sculpture Garden have been completed in recent years.

George Abbot School sees itself as an important part of the local community and is committed to promoting community cohesion both within and outside the school. We work closely with a number of partner schools locally, nationally and internationally. The school plays a lead role in the local 11-19 network of schools around Guildford.

We invite our nearest neighbours into school to meet twice a year and keep them up to date on school and local events each term.

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