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Rainham School for Girls

Derwent Way
Telephone: 01634 362746
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Website: http://www.rainhamgirls-tkat.org
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About Us

Rainham School for Girls is a very successful, non-selective Technology College within Medway Local Authority. It is an Academy as part of the Kemnal Academies Trust.

Our purpose is to provide an accessible centre of excellence for learning in our community. We aim to develop the skills, talents, understanding and aspirations of all our learners, enabling them to become responsible citizens and to achieve personal success and fulfilment in life.

Our values are:
• Success for all
• High and consistent standards and expectations
• Teamwork and co-operation
• Respect, consideration and good manners towards others
• Personal responsibility
• Honesty
• Fairness
• Commitment and loyalty to the school

The site is well maintained and improvements are made to the premises at every opportunity.


The school is served by in excess of forty feeder primary schools with about ten sending a large number of pupils. There is a thorough liaison programme managed by the Key Stage 3 Director, which includes two induction days in the summer term.

Through our Technology College Outreach Work in Technology and Science and through the letting of the premises and our contacts with the sporting world through our Lottery funding our links with the community are excellent.

Parents of girls at the school are very supportive. Attendance at Consultation evenings, Open Evenings etc. is always very good. Year Teams build a close relationship which lasts throughout the school.

The Governing Body is very supportive to the school, ensuring that they fulfil their legal responsibilities. They have every confidence in the Head and staff to manage the school efficiently and effectively. They are kept fully informed by the Head Teacher’s regular reports to Governors to which Senior/Middle Leadership contribute. There are five sub committees – Finance & Resources, Personnel, Curriculum, Student Support & Enrichment and Specialist School.


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Candidate Benefits

Student/NQT Information

As a Training School with Investors in People Status, the School is fully committed to all aspects of Continuous Professional Development for all its staff. We are also committed to staff well-being and the creation and maintenance of an appropriate work/life balance for all.

Induction for Beginning and Experienced Teachers.
Those who are new to the school are involved in an induction programme which enables them to become familiar with the way in which this school functions. New staff have an opportunity to visit the school in July and there is a planned programme of meetings once the new year begins. The Assistant Headteacher responsible for CPD and Performance Management organises these meetings, which are diary dated, and cover such areas as:
• School organisation
• Approaches to Learning Support
• Approaches to form tutoring and child protection
• Learning resources
• Professional Development and Performance Management.

These meetings aim to give an overview of the school and the way in which it functions.

Newly Qualified Teachers
All NQTs are given the opportunity to build upon the skills and competencies developed during ITT so that they may become successful classroom teachers, form tutors and confident colleagues, able to contribute to, and benefit from the life of the school. In their Induction Year they follow a programme based on statutory requirements. They are also expected to attend the programme of induction meetings for all new staff. The school does not use NQTs as form tutors; NQTs are attached to an experienced form tutor as part of their induction. NQTs also teach a reduced timetable.

NQTs work with a subject mentor within their Faculty, who will oversee the induction process. Targets are set and monitored at weekly meetings, regular lesson observation takes place, there are opportunities for pupil shadowing and some NQTs have worked with the Inclusion Team. A formal termly summative meeting with their mentor and Assistant Headteacher assesses progress, sets targets and identifies relevant support for the following term.

The policy of the Governors and the Head is to appoint staff who, apart from being appropriately qualified, will support and promote the values of the school.

Staff are encouraged to pursue their own professional development in relation to the needs of the school and benefit from involvement in a range of opportunities through out Training School programme.

Site/Campus Details

Teaching and Learning

Students are generally well motivated and understand our high expectations. In order to provide stability and continuity girls remain with their tutor throughout their compulsory five years at school wherever practicable. We consider the role of the form tutor is vital to the social and academic progress of the students and therefore Tutors are expected to involve parents when intervention is needed.

There is a clear Student Code of Conduct.

Students with SEN are well supported by the SENCO/Head Inclusion who works very closely with Directors of Study, subject staff and a large team of Teaching Assistants.

Headteacher and staff

Vocational Qualifications


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